first why, then what

The world according to Epigroup

Heavy industry is full of complex challenges, systems and processes just begging to be simplified. Epigroup exists to make things easier. We design services and solutions that are well resolved, intuitive and efficient. Leaving an imprint of change is what truly motivates all of us at Epigroup. Simplicity, above all else,  is the higher purpose that Epigroup people serve.

Knowing why we exist, drives everything we do. The Epigroup mindset for making things easier is applied across our 3 divisions – Episafe, Epistudios and Epihub.

our guiding framework

The Epigroup Mindset

The Epigroup mindset is built around aligning our people with a common bigger-picture purpose, then motivating individuals to do great things. We do this by encouraging and fostering mastery of our unique skills and talents. This means our people are motivated to do great things, for the right reasons, in the right way.

Many organisations handle this intention through their ‘code of conduct’ or ‘guiding principals and values’. But for us, it’s simply the Epigroup mindset – it’s why we exist, who we are, and how we operate all rolled into one.

What We Do

What we do is simply a manifestation of why we exist into tangible services and solutions that our clients benefit from.

WHS Made Easier

Communicate Create

Intuitive Cloud-based Management

Project Snapshots

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“The most challenging projects are always your own. Being a company so focused on great design and keeping things simple, our new branding identity had to embody this in every way” James Teakle Epigroup Director
“Episafe has helped GEOG to manage EHS support through our fluctuating staffing requirements by providing EHS staff as-and-when required. Episafe provides qualified Occupational Health & Safety people, who can demonstrate experience in workplace health and safety issues, and safety risk management system and processes. Episafe has worked with us and our customers to meet our EHS objectives.” Justin Casarsa GE Oil & Gas APAC EHS Manager
"Day in the life of a West Australian lobster fisherman" James Teakle Director of Epistudios
“The dynamic choose-your-own adventure styled eLearning produced for Woodside has raised the bar in instructional design. Scenario based learning places the learner into the story where they get a real sense of the impact of their choices throughout the module” James Teakle Epigroup Director