Epihub is a simple and intuitive solution designed to take the pain away from managing risk and compliance. It’s a cloud-based platform that centralises and streamlines complex systems and processes.

Built by leading industry experts with an extensive knowledge of system requirements, Epihub is aligned to ISO standards. This means by using Epihub everyday, you can operate with peace-of-mind that you’re operating in alignment with the these standards.




Login and view a powerful snapshot of company performance to help prioritise action


Track actions through to close-out through a streamlined action-focused workflow


Report and track incidents, hazards, meetings, inspections and audits from within the field and have them actioned immediately, in realtime.


Simple and elegant statistics and chart generating tools allow for fast and accurate reporting


Control and share important documents like systems, policies and procedures through one central portal


Keep user information private, and customise access and permissions to communicate with the relevant parties


When it comes to the design of the user interface, our sole focus is end-user experience. We make no compromises when it comes to ease-of-use. In fact, the inspiration behind building Epihub was born from the lack of simple, down to earth software solutions on the market. Our philosophy is that software should be a tool that removes, not increases, administrative burdens. That’s why all the logic is automated, and happens behind the scenes in the ‘back-end’ of the system where the real robots live. This is human-focused software.


We believe that managing safety shouldn’t be about managing numbers. In the old view, health and safety is defined as the absence of negative events. It’s our view that it’s much more than this – safety is an outcome of culture, it’s about leadership and the trust that exists between management and staff. It’s about people, not numbers.

We’ve designed the Epihub system to align to these fundamental philosophies. The technology gives employees power to be part of the process, they become the solution not the cause. Lessons can be learned and communicated, not hidden in spreadsheets. With Epihub, you don’t have to be an expert in compliance – it’s for everyone, as safety should be.


There’s no value in a great looking software that is intuitive and easy to use, if it doesn’t actually meet the statutory requirements of a robust management system. That’s why we built Epihub from the ground up to align directly with ISO standards in health, safety, quality and environment.

Epihub has been designed and built by industry experts with a background in compliance auditing, who have an intimate knowledge of system requirements. Our challenge was developing a system and series of workflows that keeps your people happy and safe, but also an intuitive platform from which to prove your compliance. In simple terms, Epihub delivers your system ‘on a platter’ for auditors, which they love.

Using Epihub as a platform, we’ve assisted multiple clients through the process of gaining ISO certification. Our Episafe people division specialises in taking companies through the certification process.

  • Initial Consultation & Gap Assessment
  • Epihub Implementation
  • Third Party Certification Audit
  • Certification Awarded

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