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WHS Labour Hire
Recruit the right WHS people to recruit the right WHS people.

No more last-minute, make-do hires. No more compromises on cultural fit. Talk to our WHS recruitment and labour hire team and create a seamless pipeline of perfect-fit talent.

Labour Hire: Safety Personnel 

Take the safe option. Remove uncertainty from the labour hire equation, whether you need to fill a permanent role or recruit a project team. Tap into our vast safety personnel network and hiring expertise.
Hire safety personnel

Labour Hire: Health and Medical

Finding the best talent for workplace health and medical roles can be downright detrimental to your health. But with our recruitment and labour hire team working as a natural extension of your HR function, it can be a stress-free experience.
Hire health and medical experts

Labour Hire: Emergency Services Officers

We know your industry as intimately as we know our proven recruitment and labour hire drill. So, avoid those recruitment alarm bells. Allow our WHS and emergency response specialists to make the hard job of recruiting the right talent feel easy.
Hire emergency services talent

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