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Psychosocial Risk

Meet your legal obligations and achieve greater productivity and performance. Our practical, evidence-based approach to managing psychosocial risks will help you stay compliant, and most importantly, keep your team at their best.

Psychosocial Risk Assessments & Surveys

Under the WA Work Health and Safety Act 2020, ‘health’ is defined as both physical and psychological, and specific regulations around psychosocial risks have also been added to state that all workplaces must eliminate or minimise psychosocial risks so far as is reasonably practicable.

Using the latest tools and methodology, our team will identify and assess psychosocial risks in your workplace in order to establish effective control measures and satisfy legal obligations.

Psychosocial Risk Management Strategy Development

Our experienced team can facilitate and develop a personalised psychosocial risk strategy to create the best possible workplace for your people. Through consultation and engagement with all stakeholders across your business, we will develop a strategic roadmap with achievable goals and actions for psychosocial risk management.

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Psychosocial Risk Training & Coaching

By taking the time to understand your specific needs, we will be able to develop and deliver a bespoke psychosocial risk management training program to up-skill your people and fill any gaps in knowledge, skills, or abilities. For a deeper dive into specific situations, or a more focused approach to the development of leaders, supervisors, or teams, our coaches will support you in solving problems and identifying the strategies that work for you.


FlourishDx is a leading mental health software platform that we recommend for psychosocial risk management best practice. We will help embed and integrate FlourishDX into your current WHS systems for a versatile, well-rounded mental health approach that enables the administration of psychosocial risk assessments as well as the provision of wellbeing resources.

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Blog: Psychosocial Hazards in the Workplace – Risks, Examples & Your Responsibilities

Based on a Harvard Business Review supported survey in 2020 of 1500 respondents in 46 countries, 85% of workers reported  declining mental health since the COVID pandemic. With burnout and chronic stress being a global problem, it makes it crucial for organisations to focus on improving worker mental health in the workplace. Our blog post explains the risks of psychosocial hazards with examples, and outlines your role to keep your employees safe and well.


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With our practical approach and personalised WHS solutions, we can help to simplify the process of managing complex workplace psychological safety. Let’s chat about psychosocial risk management tailored to your unique needs.