Principal Mining Hazard Management Plan

Principal Mining Hazard Management Plans are required for WA mines under the WHS Act 2020. We can help you write yours to effectively manage risk and keep your people safe from potentially catastrophic incidents.

What is a Principal Mining Hazard Management Plan?

A Principal Mining Hazard Management Plan (PMHMP) is a framework that identifies and manages the risks on a mine site that could lead to multiple fatalities in a single incident, or series of recurring incidents. If you operate a mine in WA, you must have a PMHMP implemented to stay compliant under WA’s WHS Act 2020.  


Comprehensive WA Principal Mining Hazard Management Plans

At Epigroup, our approach to developing Principal Mining Hazard Management Plans is centred around your team’s comprehension of the risks and controls involved, as a plan is ineffective if those it aims to protect do not understand it. Our process of developing your PMHMP is based on thorough consultation with your workers, acknowledging them as your most significant asset.

We can assist you in assembling a clear and concise PMHMP, guaranteeing that you can present a full report of the rigorous consultation process undertaken to regulators. And if you want to adapt your PMHMP into training programs for your workers, we can facilitate that too!

Seamless Integration with Existing Programs

We’ll ensure your Principal Mining Hazard Management Plan is impeccably integrated into any existing critical risk programs so that you’re not wasting time creating a whole separate process.

Organisations must also show how principal mining hazards interact with other hazards, including psychosocial risks. As experts in psychosocial risk management, we can help you identify and incorporate psychosocial risks in your PMHMP.

Principal Mining Hazard Management Plans (PMHMP): A Guide and Checklist

Want to write your PMHMP yourself? Read our blog post and download the free checklist to keep you on track. Navigating the complexities of writing a Principal Mining Hazard Management Plan can be daunting, especially with stringent regulations under WA law. If you’d like our experts’ help, please get in touch. 

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Ask us About PMHMPs Today

At Epigroup, we’re not just here to help; we’re here to partner with you, offering our expertise to tailor a PMHMP that not only meets regulatory standards but keeps your team safe from principal mining hazards. Don’t hesitate to reach out and learn how we can make this process seamless and effective for your mine site. 


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