Immerse your people in WHS best practice. Embed WHS into your culture.

Face-to-face, digital, video, e-learning, podcast and VR training solutions that engage and empower your people.

Simplify the WHS equation. Make smarter business decisions.

WHS documentation, auditing, assessment and investigation solutions that save you time, money and stress.

Engage the right WHS people to engage the right WHS people.

Health, safety and emergency response recruitment and labour hire that ensures the right cultural and technical fit

Forget ‘zero’. Consider the infinite potential of WHS.

Our transformative approach to workplace health and safety makes your business better and your life easier by putting you and your people first.

WHS consulting

Because you have work to do

Take the hard work – and guesswork – out of WHS. Our safety, health, emergency response and human-centric design expertise makes it easier to make smarter decisions, faster.
Working smarter

WHS resourcing

Because the right fit matters

Ensure your safety, health and emergency response recruits hit the ground running and fit like a safety glove. Take the stress and uncertainty out of WHS recruitment and labour hire.
Sourcing talent

WHS training

Because it’s all about people

Bring your WHS story and best practice to life for your people. Engage and empower them. Face to face. Online. On video. In podcasts. With games and e-learning. Even in virtual reality.
Changing behaviour

Our WHS mission

Because zero isn’t enough

For us, true workplace health and safety isn’t just about ticking WHS compliance boxes and reaching ‘zero’. It’s about empowering your people to power-up your business. And we make it easy.
Transforming WHS

Our Work

The WHS proof is in the workplace health and safety pudding. Explore our case studies and see for yourself how our personal and personalised WHS solutions make the complex business of WHS easier.

BHGE: Onshore and Offshore HSE Labour Hire WHS Labour Hire

Epigroup provide ongoing support through multi-skilled WHS personnel for general advisory and consultancy services on onshore and offshore sites for GE Gas Turbine outages and installation projects across the Asia Pacific Region.

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Woodside Energy e-Learning Suite Digital Training

Design and production of a suite of e-Learning packages to deliver key HSEQ systems, processes and cultural initiatives to the Woodside workforce.

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Dacian Gold: HSE Management Systems and Labour Hire Consulting and Labour Hire

Epigroup was engaged to assist Dacian Gold from the ground up in the development and rollout of their Health, Safety and Emergency Response Management System. Following this, Epigroup undertook the recruitment of HSE internal resources.

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7 Things to Ask A Drone Operator Before Hiring Them

7 Things to Ask A Drone Operator Before Hiring Them

The rise in popularity of drones is exciting but also risky due to the spectrum of different operators. Anyone can own and operate a drone - but using it for commercial work is another story. Finding the right drone camera operator for your project is a big decision....

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Toolbox Talk Topics – 10 Ideas for Your Next Talk

Toolbox Talk Topics – 10 Ideas for Your Next Talk

It can be hard to think of a toolbox talk topic for your next safety meeting if you’re in a hurry. If your shift starts in half an hour and you haven’t thought of a topic yet, it can be daunting. Fortunately, there are hundreds of safety topics you could cover. We’ve...

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Chasing the 0: Are All Accidents Really Preventable?

Chasing the 0: Are All Accidents Really Preventable?

Is it realistic to expect that workplace accidents are 100% preventable? Some people will argue that with the right systems and processes in place combined with adequate staff training there is no reason why a business shouldn’t be accident-free. On the other hand,...

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