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Custom e-Learning modules

Looking for an e-Learning company in Perth? We handle the end-to-end development entirely in-house, with our storytellers, multimedia marvels and subject matter experts.

Over the years our e-learning developers have built a reputation for creating engaging content from dry material, often within tight time frames. Choose from our basic, intermediate and advanced modules to empower your team with the knowledge that will drive your company forwards.

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Custom e-Learning Production

Our e-Learning developers create custom packages that ensure critical skills and information is delivered, while staff are actively engaged.

From clean and simple online Learning Management Systems (LMS) to games-based and choose-your-own-adventure projects, we’re focused on cutting edge e-Learning design. The result? Playful, entertaining and most importantly, informative content.

Learning Management System (LMS)

We’ve partnered with leading LMS provider LearnUpon to offer our clients a fully managed LMS to host and deliver your custom e-Learning modules.

Our Learnupon LMS solutions enable you to:

  • Develop and deliver e-Learning content fast
  • Quickly upload SCORM and Tin Can files
  • Gamify your e-Learning strategy
  • Add exams, pass marks and surveys
  • Issue badges, credits and certificates
  • Track results quickly and easily at scale

Basic: Our entry-level e-Learning modules

  • Clean, simple and linear design and interface
  • Voice-over narration
  • Text, photos and graphics
  • Basic multiple-choice tests
  • Customised templates (branded for your business)

Intermediate: Dynamic and interactive

  • Interactive pages, with video throughout
  • Voice-over narration
  • Animated text, photos and graphics
  • 360˚ walk-around viewer
  • Advanced knowledge checks

Advanced: Complex, immersive e-Learning experiences

  • Non-linear and blended e-Learning paths
  • Mapping to practical content
  • Game-style knowledge checks
  • Interactive 360˚ knowledge checks

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