Shutdown Safety Support
Safeguard your shutdown operations with our competent WHS advisors and MESOs.

Gearing up for your next shutdown? Whether you’re in mining, energy or construction, our WHS and emergency services will help you turnaround safely.

WHS Advisors for Shutdown

Short timeframes, long hours, huge equipment and even larger risks. Our WHS advisors are seasoned shutdown specialists and understand best WHS practice. We can send them to your site for weeks or months to review your safety policies and procedures, assess your risks, implement controls, and guide your team on the ground.

Hire an experienced WHS Advisor

MESOs for Shutdown

When there’s an emergency, you need confident, competent personnel ready to jump in. Our Medical Emergency Services Officers (MESOs) and Emergency Services Officers (ESOs) are just that. We take the time to get to know your site, then hand pick the perfect candidate for you based on your needs and our MESOs’ qualifications, experience and personality. This ensures a seamless, stress-free placement and your site in safe hands.

Hire a Competent MESO

paramedic hired by whs recruitment team

Medical Personnel for Shutdown

Finding a nurse or paramedic that’s suitably qualified AND experienced on mine sites is no easy task. Allow us to do the recruitment legwork for you, and utilise our Australia-wide network to find the perfect fit. Get in touch to tell us who you need and when.

Hire Qualified Medical Personnel

Emergency Audits & Plans

Get on the front foot to ensure your team knows the emergency drill. Our plans and audits are clear, concise, and will help you proactively manage shutdown emergencies, saving time, money and potentially lives.

Emergency Plans & Audits

paramedic hired by whs recruitment team

Shutdown Safety Training 

Prepare contractors and workers for your site so they can hit the ground running. Our custom safety training content is created entirely in-house by our talented team of instructional designers, videographers, scriptwriters and motion graphic specialists. Educate workers on your site’s processes and procedures. Entertain them with imaginative scriptwriting, branded animations and cinematic footage. Engage them via one of our digital training formats: video, e-learning or virtual reality.

Bespoke Digital Training Services

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