Safety e-Learning
Create a deeper understanding with custom e-Learning resources.

Without question, workplace health and safety e-Learning is highly effective. Add custom interactivity and gamification to the mix and you can take engagement to a whole new level.

Explore the e-Learning options, then customise

Talk to our e-Learning specialists about your unique workplace health and safety training requirements. Then, watch the design and development magic happen. We’ll create a custom e-Learning solution that educates and empowers your people, delivering the measurable WHS outcomes you’re looking for.

Goodbye boring PowerPoints. Hello 100% engagement.

Full e-Learning campaigns. Clean and simple learning management system (LMS) solutions. Virtual reality e-Learning. Dynamic quizzes and games. With a combination of frontline industry know-how, WHS expertise and the smartest of e-Learning production smarts, our team can bring the driest and most technical of WHS information to life.

Woe-to-go custom e-Learning production

We offer custom solutions to suit all budgets, as well as your communication and technical requirements.

  • Basic. Our entry-level e-Learning modules.
  • Intermediate. More advanced, more dynamic.
  • Advanced. For complex e-Learning challenges.

Basic: Our entry-level e-Learning modules

  • Clean, simple and linear design and interface
  • Voice-over narration
  • Text, photos and graphics
  • Basic multiple-choice tests
  • Customised templates (branded for your business)

Intermediate: Dynamic and interactive

  • Interactive pages, with video throughout
  • Voice-over narration
  • Animated text, photos and graphics
  • 360˚ walk-around viewer
  • Advanced knowledge checks

Advanced: Complex, immersive e-Learning experiences

  • Non-linear and blended e-Learning paths
  • Mapping to practical content
  • Game-style knowledge checks
  • Interactive 360˚ knowledge checks

Learnupon learning management systems (LMS)

We’ve partnered with leading LMS provider LearnUpon to offer our clients a fully managed LMS to host and deliver your custom e-Learning modules. Our Learnupon LMS solutions enable you to:

  • Develop and deliver e-Learning content fast
  • Quickly upload SCORM and Tin Can files
  • Gamify your e-Learning strategy
  • Add exams, pass marks and surveys
  • Issue badges, credits and certificates
  • Track results quickly and easily at scale

Project Spotlight: Woodside

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