Human Factors
Transform productivity and profitability by focusing on human factors.

Humans are the strongest link in your organisation’s WHS and value chain. See what happens when you factor humans into every facet of your organisation’s operations and strategy.

Why human factors are the biggest success factors

Mention ‘human factors’ to most businesspeople, and they’ll think of training (if they think of anything at all). But your business is the sum of your employees’ experience and efforts. It’s a human endeavour. And so, the key to unlocking the potential in your workforce and business lies in putting humans at the heart of everything you do and design.

How to make people-centric design work for you

Our experience helping clients become human-centric organisations tells us that when humans, systems and workplaces work in harmony, great things happen. Morale soars. Productivity climbs. Attrition, WHS incidents and the cost of doing business plummet. Human-centred organisational design is a win-win for employees and employers alike.

Where do human factors come into play?

Everywhere. And the more human factors and psychology are incorporated into what you do, the bigger the benefits.

  • Job design and training
  • Employee or user experience (UX)
  • WHS process and systems design
  • Workplace and environmental design

What is Human Organisational Performance?

Human Organisational Performance (HOP) is a different approach to safety that focuses on the human element. Visit our blog article ‘What is Human Organisational Performance’ for the full run-down. 

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