Risk Assessments
Shed light on the risks in your business. Watch your people shine.

Risk assessments may sound onerous, but they’re truly liberating. When you understand the risks facing your people, deciding how to mitigate or eliminate them gets a whole lot easier.

A little risk knowledge is a powerful thing

More than a legal WHS requirement. More than a moral obligation to safeguard your people. Risk assessments are your window into what’s working – and isn’t – organisation-wide. They offer invaluable business intelligence that can transform productivity and innovation, as well as WHS performance. All of which sounds pretty full-on, but our specialists make it easy.

Finding the answers by asking the right questions

Risk assessments take many forms. Some are complex, others simple. But whatever the deal, the key is being able to cut to the operational truth. That’s why we only assign subject matter experts with proven frontline experience as project leads. They employ the right techniques. They ask the right questions. And they make the process as quick, painless and useful as possible.

What types of risk assessments do we offer?

We employ a host of tools and techniques across the industry and operational mix. However, risk assessments generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Qualitative
  • Semi-quantitative
  • Quantitative

How do we do it? In partnership with you.


Become Risk Competent

Want to train your team in risk management and competency? Our course goes above and beyond your standard risk management training. You’ll learn the fundamentals, but also how our thoughts, behaviours and emotions influence how we deal with workplace risk. Harness these psychological impacts and discover how to make safer, more effective decisions.
Risk Management Course

Small group of people in training room being taught Epigroup's risk management course

Project Spotlight: South32

Learn about how Epigroup assisted South32 by facilitating a series of bow-tie risk assessments with the purpose of identifying, assessing and communicating critical risks including dropped objects. View case study.

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