Risk Management Course

Your workplace is like no other, so forget cookie cutter risk management courses and choose more tailored training. Relevant to your industry. Unique to your site.

What’s The Epigroup Risk Management course about?

Epigroup’s Risk Management course is not your standard risk management training. But before you roll your eyes and say you’ve heard that all before, hear us out.

We created this course after understanding that workers feel compliance-based approaches to safety leave them feeling frustrated, disempowered and vulnerable. When workers are injured, the typical response is to strip back responsibility instead of making workers more risk competent. This only stifles creativity, intellectual stimulation and engagement.

This two-day course empowers frontline workers to make safer, more effective decisions with tangible tools and strategies to help them become fully risk competent. It covers basic risk management and assessment training, and delves into the psychological factors that come into play when we deal with workplace risk.

Finally, elements of the course can be customised to suit your site. Your workplace is unique, so your training should be too.

Why Epigroup?

Customised content to suit your work site


Taught by WHS pros so you’ll be in safe hands

Ongoing trainer support until your assessment

You say when and where, and we’ll be there

What Are The Learning Outcomes?

As well as learning risk management fundamentals, you’ll understand how our thoughts, behaviours and emotions influence how we deal with workplace risk. Harness this, and you’ll become fully risk competent, and discover how to make safer, more effective decisions.

  • Why we need to look at safety differently
  • Critical knowledge of legislation and the building blocks of risk.
  • Strengths and limitations of risk assessment tools
  • The control stress test simulation tool and how it can be applied in the field
  • The principles of high reliability organisations
  • Two distinct ways we make decisions and how these affect our judgement and actions
  • The complex relationship between behaviour and internal factors like beliefs and values
  • The power of culture to shape our approaches to risk management


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Who should take the Risk Competency course?

Our Risk Competency course is designed for anyone managing or leading a team of front line professionals.

  • People who want to upskill, see safety differently and learn new ways to drive improvement.
  • People working towards a risk management or leadership qualification.
  • People who want to move into a safety role in industries including (but not limited to): mining, oil and gas, agriculture, construction, transport, utilities, manufacturing

What are the details?

Duration:                    2 Days of your choice

Location:                    Your place or ours

Delivery:                     Face-to-face group sessions

Assessment:               Post-course assessment to be completed within 3 months

Resources:                  Learner guide and assessment guide

Course Fee:                Please contact us for a quote



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