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ENGIE: VR Hazard Perception Training

ENGIE is a global energy and services company that’s been powering communities for over 180 years. They’re on a mission to innovate, while protecting the environment and, most importantly, their people.

Project Scope

Back in January 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had started to sweep across the globe. ENGIE knew it wasn’t going to be able to offer face-to-face risk training for much longer.

Safety is paramount for the company, so it was essential to have training available to everyone, anywhere.

With 40 businesses in the APAC region, ENGIE required training that was remote, scalable and transferrable across a diverse, global workforce. Not only that, safety messages needed to be clear, consistent, and have an emotion linked with the learning to make it more memorable.

Virtual reality was a no-brainer. It ticked all the boxes.


Services Provided

Virtual Reality Training

The purpose of the training was to reduce injury rates by increasing hazard perception. Through the scoping period, the decision was made to focus on four of ENGIE’s key risks:

  • driving
  • working at heights
  • confined spaces
  • electricity

Each risk is investigated in three dimensions through immersive content. This includes stereoscopic 360 videos, interactive activities, plus lessons learned ‘the hard way’ shared by prominent individuals. The overall package consists of 20 minutes of dynamic content.

We were lucky enough to get the support of several of ENGIE’s key clients to film at their locations, including the RAC Arena, Perth General Post Office and ENGIE’s Kwinana Co-generation power plant.

ENGIE’s initial aim is to deploy pre-loaded boxed-sets of VR headsets across multiple sites, and delivered to approximately 2500 employees through the APAC region.

ENGIE want their people to feel comfortable and empowered to identify, report and record hazards they’ve learned from the VR training. Then they will see behaviour change and incidents drop.




“We want to show that we care for our people. The value isn’t the hardware, the value is the learning you communicate in the content. VR is so cool it’s almost like a present. Once the initial awe – the wrapping paper – comes off the present, you get the true value. It’s quality content, you can make safe mistakes and learn from them, and the business receives great ROI.

“Epigroup always understands what we need. The team has done some great work for us for the past 5-6 years – you guys aren’t scared to go out there and try something different. There’s a huge appetite for VR – I’d like to develop virtual reality supervisor training next.”

Pierre De Villiers, Health, Safety, Security and Environment Manager, ENGIE Asia Pacific


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