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Perth Airport: WHS Consulting & Labour Supply

Perth Airport is the fourth largest domestic and international airport in Australia, and is serviced by over 30 international, domestic and regional airlines that operate to more than 50 destinations.

Perth Airport plans to invest up to $2.5 billion over the next decade to upgrade the international terminal, construct a new parallel runway, and consolidate all commercial services into the Airport Central precinct by the end of 2025 – all to future proof the airport and meet the needs of its airline partners and the expectations of passengers.

As the expansion takes shape, the health and safety of its passengers and workers remains priority, which is why we came onboard.

Project Scope

Perth Airport’s OSH team engaged Epigroup in November 2018 to assist with plant and equipment risk assessments, contractor audits, and occupational hygiene surveys. They understand that capital expenditure, and changes in facilities, equipment and the working environment can present new risks.

More boots on the ground were needed, so we came on board to give them a hand.


Services Provided


Labour Hire

Perth Airport required more consistent help in the field, so we hand-picked three Epigroup employees to lend a hand for a 15-month period.

Our HSE consultants have extensive industry knowledge and have learned best practices in multiple industries. Over the months they applied this expertise to the airport and produced effective results. They quickly built trust and became an extended part of the Perth Airport team.


Safety Consulting

Throughout our time at Perth Airport, we were also enlisted to complete various consulting scopes.

We began by auditing contractors. We checked their work against their own safety management systems, Perth Airport’s requirements, and legislative requirements such as Safe Work Method Statements for high risk construction work.

We also conducted risk assessments on a suite of mobile plant and equipment, and reviewed the standard work procedures for this equipment.


Occupational Hygiene Consulting

Perth Airport has a number of rooftop antenna farms for operational communications.

They wanted to ensure there were no radio frequency (RF) risks from these antennas, so we sent a specialist consultant to spend two days on site, surveying RF on the rooftops. We completed a comprehensive report, defined the risk, and outlined best practice for managing and documenting RF risk going forward.

We also conducted an occupational noise survey, where we measured ambient noise back-of-house in plant rooms, in baggage handling areas, and at aprons (aircraft parking areas). Noise measurement results were analysed, and recommendations were made to protect workers’ hearing.


The results of the audits were well received, and we continue to work with Perth Airport to this day.


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