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A safe construction site is a productive site. Utilise our construction health and safety experts to keep your people safe and your projects on schedule.

Get a blueprint for building WHS best practice onsite

No two days are the same on a construction site. You’ve got trades coming, going and competing for space. Some working at heights. All using potentially dangerous equipment and materials. It’s a health and safety minefield, but the path to WHS compliance and best practice doesn’t have to be difficult. And it doesn’t have to slow your project down.

Construction health and safety consultants

Making the hard WHS stuff easy

Our health and safety consultants are used to working on busy sites to find smarter ways to keep everyone safe and productive. We can help you take stock with health and safety risk audits and assessments. And we can develop WHS, injury management and occupational hygiene systems that fit in seamlessly with your schedule and workflows. Just like our consultants.

About WHS consulting

Construction health and safety labour hire

Want to bring WHS in-house?

It may be that it makes sense to bring in a dedicated WHS professional, or team, for your business or a specific project. Full-time or part-time. Permanently or on a contract. Whatever solution works for you, we understand your health and safety priorities and the WHS skills and experience you need. And we’ll find the perfect candidates within our talent network.

Resourcing Options

Construction health and safety training

Everyone on the same WHS page

Face-to-face health and safety training is great, but it may not be the most effective option for transient construction workers and contractors. On the other hand, our e-learning, video and virtual reality training is ideal. Find out how we’ll create a tailormade WHS training solution that will help create a consistent, cohesive culture, even on the busiest sites.

Training Solutions

Make WHS easy

We’ll work as an extension of
your team to take the hard
work of health and safety.

Keep it consistent

Create a consistent health and
safety culture, with systems
and training that work for you.

Stay on schedule

Creating a best-practice health
and safety culture doesn’t
have to slow projects down.

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Find out how our WHS experts can help

Every construction site is unique, but they face the same challenges in establishing and maintaining a consistent WHS culture. We get it. And we’ve got the answers.

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