BON: WHS Consulting & In-Field Training

BON is a family-owned and operated organisation that delivers electrical, water and automation solutions across WA and SA. Founded in 1989, the company has gone from strength to strength, and they needed an HSEQ system to keep up.

Project Scope

Like most businesses, BON had been on an HSEQ journey. They began with an out-of-the-box package, before moving to an independently certified and audited system which they had developed in-house. The existing HSEQ system wasn’t progressing with them in a way that was befitting to the needs of the business. They could see changes needed to be made, but weren’t sure where to start.

“We wanted something tailored that would meet our organisations needs and integrate seamlessly,” said Kaela Bonomi, General Manager of BON. “We were too big for an out-of-the-box solution, but too small to bring a full time dedicated HSEQ role into the business. Nevertheless, we needed that specialist HSEQ knowledge in the business to be able to move forward.”


Services Provided

We sat down with BON to look at what existing systems and processes were in place. We quickly ascertained the pain points they were experiencing, and created a list of recommendations that were prioritised to generate the most efficient and safe operations. From there we broke the project into smaller chunks, which made it easier to approach, track and budget for.

BON quickly realised the value of this process and signed up to a long term service agreement – we’re thrilled to be an extension of their team! Under the service agreement, we now provide the following services:


  • Safety audits
  • Risk management and risk facilitations
  • Investigations
  • Safety management system support
  • Safety tender support
  • In-field safety training
  • On-demand injury management support

Over the next 12 months we’re moving BON towards a streamlined system that will achieve the seamless integration they desire. This will ensure efficient systems are embedded in the business, the field teams have greater clarity of their responsibilities and the management team are supported with specialist knowledge specific to their needs.



“Epigroup’s approach was sensible and effective. Our goal wasn’t to tie our team up in endless amounts of paper work each day so we could ‘appear’ safe. We wanted our system to really support our team in the field and assist us to embed a culture of safety and quality into the business that was systematic. The greatest value in engaging Epigroup was they did not just make recommendations, Epigroup stayed with us and helped us with the implementation! We needed someone to walk the journey with us so we could grow in our own knowledge and build a stronger foundation in our organisation. I unreservedly recommend Epigroup to any business seeking HSEQ support with tangible outcomes within their organisation.” 

–   Kaela Bonomi, General Manager, BON

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