Cordina Marine: Injury Prevention and Case Management Services

Epigroup are engaged by Cordina Marine to execute an outsourced Injury Prevention and Case Management function.

Project Scope:

Epigroup assist Cordina Marine through the provision of an Injury Prevention and Management service that incorporates all aspects of successful case management from the initial injury/incident right through to a successful return to work.

Services and Solutions Provided:

Epigroup provide advice and recommendations in accordance with legislation, classification guidelines and Cordina Marnin’s policies and procedures. We also facilitate and coordinate;

  • Medical Reviews
  • Insurance Claims
  • Investigations
  • Ongoing Treatment


“Epigroup have been instrumental in assisting Cordina Marine with building our injury prevention and management systems. In the unfortunate event of a workplace accident, we’re 100% confident in Epigroup’s ability to manage the injury case right through to a successful return to work”. 

Cordina Marine CEO

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