Santos: 'Line of Fire Events' Podcast Series

Epigroup were engaged to assist Santos in developing a communication strategy to better communicate Lessons Learned around Line of Fire incidents to their workforce.

Project Scope:

Epigroup were engaged by Santos with the challenge of reaching and engaging with their workforce to encourage meaningful discussions among workgroups around a common risk in Line of Fire. This was achieved with the creation of a series of Video Podcasts (Vodcasts) and guidance prompts for using the Vodcasts to facilitate effective toolbox talks. 

Services and Solutions Provided:

The core deliverables produced were 6 Learning Event Vodcasts. The aim for these products was not to create ‘Hollywood’ corporate productions, but instead, something more raw and honest. The output was essentially a frank discussion, facilaited via Skype, between individuals involved with LOF incidents, and a subject matter expert in Lincoln Eldrige from Safemap Australia.  

  • 6 x Line of Fire Learning Event Vodcasts 
  • Supporting guidance prompts and questions to allow Vodcasts to be utilised amongst workgroups to facilitate meaningful toolbox discussions
  • 1 x Line of Fire Initiative Introduction Video 

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