Santos: Taproot Investigations

Epigroup are engaged to provide investigation services (Taproot) and report writing. Epigroup have also been engaged to produce 'Lessons Learned' communication pieces.

Project Scope:

Epigroup are engaged to provide Investigation Services to Santos. This includes the the provision of personnel trained in Taproot (root cause analysis) facilitation. In addition, Epigroup also provide digital training services to produce engaging and meaningful ‘Lessons Learned’ videos to communicate key investigation learnings to the workforce. 

Services and Solutions Provided:


“Santos engaged Epigroup to provide personnel trained as Taproot facilitators for investigations across all of our assets. We have been extremely happy with the way Epigroup have conducted themselves. Epigroup have demonstrated a one team mentality, where no issue / problem is too difficult to over come. Epigroup are easy to deal with and provide competitive rates that make it easy for Santos to engage and subsequently feel comfortable that a timely and quality deliverable will be produced”. 

Manager, HSE Support Team

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