Specialisation on Demand

Our service model is built on hiring the best people who are aligned with the Epigroup mindset for making things easier. We then develop them into masters of their chosen fields and equip them with our suite of tools and solutions. Finally, we make them available to our clients on a completely scalable basis. Here’s how it works.


The first step is recruiting the right people, who above all else, are aligned with our way of thinking. Our people challenge the status quo of what it means to be a safety professional. They join us with a minimum tertiary qualification. Then, once part of the team, pursue mastery of a particular area of expertise. These capabilities are wide and varied and include:

  • Safety Leadership Training
  • Certification auditing and compliance
  • Incident investigation facilitation
  • Risk facilitation
  • HSEQ system documentation


To maximise the valued offered, each Episafe person comes equipped with a diverse body of material, tools and resources at their disposal. This is where the complimentary offerings of Epistudios and Epihub come into play. Access to this diverse library of solutions ‘comes with the package’ when you engage the services of an Episafe person.

  • Training material and toolbox topics
  • Risk and hazard awareness packages
  • eLearning Modules and Multimedia
  • Epihub event and action tracking software


We looked closely at the key challenges with running high performing HSEQ and the common thread was cost. This is where the true value within our scalable service models lie – giving clients the ability to lower overheads while maintaining a consistency and quality. Our consultants will become part of the team and can be called upon only when required. Our people-based services are perfect for clients with fluctuating requirements including:

  • Shutdowns
  • HSEQ System documentation builds
  • Offshore development campaigns
  • Construction projects
  • Tender preparation
  • ISO accreditation facilitation


Project Snapshots

Please click on the case studies below to find out more.

“The dynamic choose-your-own adventure styled eLearning produced for Woodside has raised the bar in instructional design. Scenario based learning places the learner into the story where they get a real sense of the impact of their choices throughout the module” James Teakle Epigroup Director
“Episafe has helped GEOG to manage EHS support through our fluctuating staffing requirements by providing EHS staff as-and-when required. Episafe provides qualified Occupational Health & Safety people, who can demonstrate experience in workplace health and safety issues, and safety risk management system and processes. Episafe has worked with us and our customers to meet our EHS objectives.” Justin Casarsa GE Oil & Gas APAC EHS Manager
"Since Regal Engineering & Line Boring has engaged Epigroup we have streamlined our entire Safety Management System, this has effectively taken Regal to the next level of Safety Management. Additionally, the Epihub system has given us complete visibility over Safety performance. Highly recommend Epigroup to anyone who is serious about safety in their business." Matt Bennetto Regal Engineering and Lineboring CEO
“FMG, in partnership with the state government, have engaged Episafe to plan and implement an initiative involving the ongoing review and mentoring of our indigenous contractors. The program has been an overwhelming success and welcomed by FMG and our contractors alike. This is due to largely to Episafe's inclusive and refreshingly 'simple' approach to managing safety performance. We look forward to the programs continued success.” Heath Nelson FMG - Manager Community Development


Within Episafe, our mindset is simplicity. We’re always looking for opportunities to improve performance and efficiency through innovative solutions. With time and experience comes exposure to a large variety of organisations and industries each with its own unique set of challenges. The one thing that is consistent is the lack of simple, intuitive software solutions  to help manage compliance.

We stopped searching, and decided to build our own. Epihub is a simple and intuitive solution designed to take the pain away from managing risk and compliance. It’s a cloud-based platform that centralises and streamlines your system. We love it! Talk to us about how it can be integrated into your organisation.

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